Peterborough to Ramsey

Starting in the centre of the city of Peterborough, the Trail explores the north western edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens, ending in the strategically important town of Ramsey. The route is described in three parts:

Peterborough to Yaxley – 3 walks: 1st Lincolnshire border to Peterborough, 2nd Peterborough to Farcet via Stanground, 3rd Farcet to Yaxley

Yaxley to Sawtry – 3 walks: 1st Yaxley to Holme, 2nd Holme to Sawtry via Conningon, 3rd additional walk into the Great Fen – Whittlesey Mere and Holme Fen

Sawtry to Ramsey – 4 walks: 1st Sawtry to Woodwalton, 2nd Woodwalton to Upwood, 3rd Upwood to Ramsey, 4th additional walk to Ramsey Heights and Woodwalton Fen

Peterborough to Ramsey showing the contours and geology. 

Contours: yellow 5m, red 10m and above, blue 0m

For a key to the geology see the British Geological Survey map viewer.

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