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We are gradually completing the walks to link up the whole of the Fen Edge from Peakirk, near the Lincolnshire border in the northwest, to Isleham, near the Suffolk border in the southeast, and around the islands – the ‘Isle of Ely’, March, Chatteris, Whittlesey, Thorney and Wisbech.

The map shows the routes of the walks that are already published and others that are currently being planned. See below to download the published Walk Guides and for the list of walks.

Walks published so far: 16

Download Walk Guides below

Due 2024: 11

Being developed: 16

Planning underway: 6

Download the published Walk Guides

Each Walk Guide contains two maps, one giving directions and the other showing the landscape of the area, including the contours and geology. It also gives practical advice as well as information on features and places of interest to be found on the walk. The walks are shown below in geographical order starting near Peakirk, north of Peterborough, and finishing at Isleham, followed by the 6 islands. Download the Walk Guides already published below.

Printed copies are available for a small charge – please email us to arrange collection from convenient location. If you use a GPS and wish to have the GPX file for a walk, please contact us and we will send it to you.

If you would like to know the route of a walk that is not yet published, look on the relevant webpage or contact us for the details. If you or your group would like to be a partner in the project and help plan the walks, please contact us.

1 & 2 Peakirk to Peterborough     more info

3 Peterborough to Stanground    due 2024 more info

4 Stanground to Yaxley   due 2024 more info

5 Yaxley to Holme    due 2024   more info  

(addn) Great Fen north    more info 

6 Holme to Sawtry    more info

7 Sawtry to Wood Walton DOWNLOAD  more info

8 Wood Walton to Ramsey    due 2024 more info

8a (addn) Ramsey to the Great Fen   more info

9 Ramsey to Wistow    DOWNLOAD     more info

10 Wistow to Warboys    DOWNLOAD     more info

11 Warboys to Somersham    DOWNLOAD     more info

12 Somersham to Earith     DOWNLOAD    more info

12a (addn) Earith Old Bedford and 100 Foot, Word Garden   DOWNLOAD   more info

13 Earith to Needingworth    DOWNLOAD     more info

14 Needingworth to St Ives    due 2024    more info

(addn) St Ives to Godmanchester  more info

(addn) Godmanchester to St Ives  more info

15 St Ives to Swavesey    due 2024 more info

16 Swavesey to Willingham    more info

17 Willingham to Cottenham    more info

18 Cottenham to Waterbeach    more info

19 Waterbeach to Milton    due 2024 more info

20 Milton to Cambridge    due 2024   more info

21 Cambridge Castle Hill to the Sedgwick DOWNLOAD  more info

(addn) Cambridge: Trumpington  more info

(addn) Cambridge: Cherry Hinton  more info

22 Cambridge to Fen Ditton    DOWNLOAD    more info

23 Fen Ditton to Fulbourn  more info

24 Fulbourn to Stow cum Quy  more info

25 Stow to Swaffham Bulbeck    DOWNLOAD     more info

26 Swaffham Bulbeck to Reach    DOWNLOAD     more info

27 Reach to Burwell    DOWNLOAD     more info

28 Burwell to Wicken  due 2024 more info

29 Wicken to Soham  due 2024  more info

30 Soham to Fordham  more info

31 Fordham to Isleham  more info

32 Ely to Little Downham  more info

33 Littleport  more info

34 Little Downham to Witchford  more info

35 Witchford to Witcham  more info

36 Witcham to Sutton    DOWNLOAD     more info

37 Sutton to Haddenham    DOWNLOAD     more info

38 Haddenham to Wilburton    DOWNLOAD     more info

39 Wilburton to Stretham  due 2024 more info

40 Stretham to Little Thetford  more info

41 Little Thetford to Ely  more info

Other ‘islands’

42 Chatteris  more info

43 Doddington, Wimblington more info

44 March more info

45 Coates  more info

46 Whittlesey  more info

47 Thorney   DOWNLOAD   more info

48 Wisbech more info


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